Sarpsborg – Råde - The Pilgrim Way - Visit Østfold

Sarpsborg – Råde

A walk past historical churches and Bronze Age burial sites, c. 20 km.

The Way follows the St. Marie Gate pedestrian precinct, crosses the town square and down towards the railway station, then crosses Valaskjold Bridge and on towards the beautiful churchyard of Tune Church. 


Our route continues via Grålum, and on the old Royal Road you can visit the Olaf Spring. A detour of c. 100 metres brings you to the Opstad Bronze Age burial site, well worth the visit. The Way passes Stikkaåsen. If you do not wish to walk all the way to Råde, you can

find accommodation at Utne Camping. The Way takes us past Solli Church, beside which you can enjoy a well-earned break in Desideria’s Grove. You continue on to Soli Brug (signposted as Aagaardsveien 177, 1719 Greåker). From here you walk along the Aagaard river, following signposts for Råde.


The Pilgrim Way through Råde offers stunning rural landscapes along the Østfold Ridge. The countless heritage sites testify to the fact that people have settled here and cultivated its rich soil for thousands of years. Several sites are signposted along the Way, including the fine stone circles at Lundeby, the medieval Råde Church and the burial mounds and war ruins of Sognslunden.



Grønn Pause, Skomakerveien 4, 1640 Råde, tel. (+47) 922 62 016

Kihl Gård, Kihlsveien 15, 1640 Råde, tel. (+47) 69 28 54 09

Kallum Søndre Gård, Rabekkgata 38, 1526 Moss, tel. (+47) 909 49 865

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