The Pilgrim Way - Visit Østfold

The Pilgrim Way – Østfold and Akershus

The Pilgrim Way through Østfold and Akershus lies like a beautiful string of pearls through a varied and fertile landscape. Peace and tranquillity seems to reign here. You will pass through deep forests with quiet pools on your way to rose gardens and parklands around manor houses filled to the brim with their fascinating history.  

The Pilgrim Way starts on the Swedish border by the Elgåfossen waterfall, crossing the agriculturally rich counties of Østfold and Akershus before reaching Eidsvoll. We have divided the route into 13 days. Explore each of the hike suggestions below.


Pilegrimssenter Sarpsborg

Inspiria touristinfo: 03245 / (+47) 69 13 93 00 •



Pilegrimsenter Oslo

Phone: +47 48052949 •


Pilegrimssenter Hamar

Phone: +47 474 78 266 •

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