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The Mill Town

Møllebyen (the Mill Town) is the former city center of Moss. 

The Mill Town

Moss is one of Norway’s oldest and most versatile industrial centers. Møllebyen (the Mill city), which is located by Mossefossen (waterfalls of Moss), was the central point for the city’s first industrial epoch and held this status until approximately 1970.

Møllebyen now prevails as a unique historical city environment, where new ventures are established in the old houses and new buildings. Today you find serveral restaurants and cafeés, a large, modern cinema and Moss City- and Industrial Museum in this area.

The history

Møllebyen is the former city center in Moss. Among other things, the historical King’s Road to Copenhagen passed through the area.

Most of the buildings in Møllebyen which have been used for milling, are known as Lerke Mølle, Kloster and Galle Møller (named after the owners), Central Pakkhus (Central Warehouse), Kvernhuset (The Mill) and so on.

However other activities were also carried out. Among other things, we find the cities first waterworks, which were established in 1876.

The assembly of buildings in Møllebyen are of great historical value. They represent an entire building environment with high architectural quality. The buildings were basically built with a solid foundation and the construction between floors is of wood. The outer walls are of brick. Typical of the architectural features are large roof areas, clearly defined cornices, pillars of brick, cast iron windows, eloquent gables and richly detailed masonry.

In this area you can also find the world's largest ceramic jar!

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