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Beaches in the region of Moss

We can offer 48 beaches here in Moss. In summer season the water temperature is from 18-24 C. From the many beaches that you can choose between there are two that is very close to city center. Sjøbadet lies at Jeløy close to the fairy. This beach has a wide lawn next to the sandy beach close to a nice park. This is a salt water beach with all the fasilities you need also for wheel chair users. You can park in Sjøgata and shop at Kiwi. WC are in the park and you can take a shower in the fresh water showers at the beach. In Nesparken 5 minuteswalk from city center we have fresh water beach for those who want this experience.


At Jeløy close to Alby we have Bredebukt. This is a beach with round stones and at Alby you can use WC and park your car. Going down to the beach you will experience the peaceful and beautiful forest where you also can cool down on your way back to the car.


Some other beaches to mention is Larkollen, Søly, Fiske, Kuskjærebukta Nes, Refsnes etc…..

We also have an indoor swimming pool but this is closed during summer holiday.

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