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Vansjø consists of no less than 250 kilometers of beachline. But you can't simply measure this idyll in meters. There are room for a broad range of activities, including paddling, drive motor boat, fishing and exploring. Many of Vansjø's nook and crannies contains traces of old, even ancient human activity. Virebukt lies on the left hand side after you have passed through the eye of the needle on your way out of Storefjorden. Many other places along Vansjø also bears traces from ancient culture mixed with beautiful scenery.

Vansjø consists of many headlands, inlets, miniature beaches, and islets where you will guaranteely find your favorite spot. The lake is accessible by boat or canoe from several locations, which you can rent from Dillingøy. Canoes are also rentable from Vaskeberget.


The Norwegian Tourist Association have marked trails along the lake and four Gapahuks (the Norwegian word for wood crafted open shelters) is available for those who considers dropping the tent. One gapahuk is available in Grevlingbukt (N59 25 811 / E 10 43 846, 27m above sea level), from Årvolltangen, Havna (N 59 26 429 / E 10 45 400, 27m above sea level), Store Kvernøy (N59 25 296 / E 10 45 999, 27m above sea level), and Gudøya (N 59 24 208 /E 10 51 255, 28m above sea level).


You can rent a bicycle from the local tourist office, if you fancy exploring Vansjø from land, and also purchase fishing licenses if you desire to fish.


Prices for fishing licenses

Daily pass: NOK 50,00
Weekly pass: NOK 100,00
Seasonal pass: NOK 200,00


The license allows you to fish with bait, lures and flies. With a maximum of two trolling rods per boat. In addition to our office in Moss, you can purchase these licenses through, Sperrebotn grocery in Våler, Råde bok og foto in Råde, or Vinge våpen in Rygge.

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