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The Halden Canal and the river Glomma

Through our district runs two major waterways. Halden canal and Glomma. There are endless possibilities for activities and recreation opportunities.

DS Engebret Soot i Ørje sluser
DS Engebret Soot i Ørje sluser
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The Halden Canal 

The Halden Canal is hidden deep inside the forests in the border region, well worth a visit! This idyllic and exciting waterway, running parallell to the national border to Sweden, stretches from Skulerud in the north to Tistedal in the south, a length of almost 80 kilometres. Here you may paddle or boat throught idyllic lakes and impressive locks - in a stunning landscape peppered with interesting heritage sites.

The history

The Halden Canal is the older of the two canals in Norway (the second one is in Telemark). Halden Canal was built between 1852 - 1860. Brekke locks, furthest south, finished in 1924. Brekke comprise 4 locks with an overhead clearance totalling 26.6 m. The 3 locks at Ørje have an overhead clearance of 10 m. All locks can be passed by boats that are up to 24 m length, 6 m wide and 1.6 m deep.

At Ørje locks there is a memorial to the canal builder Mr Engebret Soot (1786 - 1859). Close by Ørje locks lies the old Ørje Brug and the Halden Waterways' Canal Museum. A steamship actively in use from 1862 carries the name of the canals builder - "DS Engebret Soot". The ship is restored and can be chartered for cruise on the canal.
MS Strømsfoss goes in route during the summer. for more information about the boats klick here

Throughout the history as many as 25 steamships have trafficated the canal. Today 6 of them are still to be seen in the canal. The history of the Halden Canal is interestingly described in the Halden waterways Canal Museum (Haldenvassdragets Kanalmuseum), as is the cultural relics in the area and the nature in and around the canal.



Vamma Kraftstasjon
Vamma Kraftstasjon
Photo: Hafslund

Glomma is Norway's longest river. Glomma with its 623.18 kilometers shaped landscape and society significantly over large areas of our country. This applies in Indre Østfold as well, and for many people Glomma is today a well-known supplier of experiences. 

In terms of visiting the spectacular Vamma powerstation where the water has a fall of 28 meters, searching for fishing and walking on the historic trails,watching the attractive birdslife, barbecue pits or swimming spots to mention a few.

For others Glomma is industry, and of those who work for use, protection and development of the river is the Glomma Elveeierlag. The Glomma Elveeierlag has about 160 members in all, and owns over 60 km of shoreline

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