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Easter holiday

It is not only in the mountains you can enjoy yourselves with activities and family fun in the Easter holidays. Nature experiences you can get in many ways in Norway - and Indre Østfold is no exception.
Why not bring Easter eggs out on yoyr hike and pretend that the Easter Bunny has been there with eggs - always popular.
Bring frying pan and pancake batter on a bottle - and take a nice woodland walk.
Sausage and campfire are also always a success.
Below are various suggestions on what you can do in Indre Østfold during the Easter days.

Easter Holiday Deals Rømskog Spa & Resort.

In the Easter holidays you can experience beautiful Rømskog at reasonable prices. Only 1390, - pr. pers. in double room with full board. Activities for young and older. The Easter Bunny will be there on saturday. Guests can rent bicycles and canoes. read more

What happens during the Easter holidays? 

April 6.-9. Tivoli in Mysen.

April 8.  Morenen shopping center invites you for Easter activities with the popular racingsimulatorne, free Easter yellow popcorn, drawing table with prices for the children, inflatables jumping castles and more.

April 9 Hike with DNT (the norwegian tracking ass.) Indre Østfold on new trail east in Rakkestad, and on April 17 they have a new tour from Ørje to Rakkestad.

April 10.  Cafe Indre invites to concert with Lewi Bergrud.
April 15 starting at. 12:00 Easter Fun at the fort in Trøgstad
Trotting at Momarken trotting track, Mysen
April 13. at 14.00
April 16. at 18.00


See also the What's on pages about various activities during the week.

Aktiviteter på Østfoldbadet
Lek på Østfoldbadet
Photo: .


Østfoldbadet in Askim - Open daily 10:00 to 7:00 p.m. during Easter

Whatever the weather is like - you can always go to Østfoldbadet in Askim. Here are delicious temperatures all year round - and always a popular event for all ages. Here you can have fun in the slides, the climbing wall, take hot tub on the roof or try the waves put on at regular basis. There is also a cafe.


Lama på Dahl Gård
Photo: Dahl Gård

Visit all the animals at Dahl Farm

Dahl visiting farm is open every day during Easter
This is the place where one can try donkey- and horseback riding. On the farm you can also see lama, turkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, miniature pigs, whoolpig, sheep, goats, cats and dogs. All the animals are tame and can be cuddled. Every day from 12 to 16


Fishing - bivouacs and cycling

Bring your fishing pole to one of the many lakes we have in the region and see if the fish are biting. Why not combine it with an overnight in one of the many bivouacs and campsites along the Halden Canal. Bring your bike and take a trip out to explore.

Many towers


Ut på tur
Ut på tur
Photo: Thorbjørn Olsson

Take a hike in the great outdoors and discover one of the many views towers we have in the region. the most famous is Linnekleppen which has many thousand visits every summer. But we can also recommend Haukenes Tower in Rømskog. It is also possible to stay the night here.

Tour cabins

We also have several touringcabins in the region. It's probably limited opening hours, but bring your lunch box and have it as a hiking destination.
Skansehytta in Askim is open from thursday to Sunday 17/4. Otherwise it is open every Sunday until 30.04. Nb Monday, 05/01 is closed.

Skimtefjell hytta in Spydeberg is open Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday 1. from kl. 11.00 - 15.00. Palm Sunday is the open-air church service at. 12:00. For sale: pikelets, hot and cold drinks. The lodge is located about 2.5 km into the forest and are without power.

Einarbu, Eidsberg is open from 11.00 to 15.00 on Sundays.
Pers cabin in Trøgstad is open Sundays from 11.00 to 15.00
Lysholm cottage in Marker, open if there are skiing conditions.

Tour of Geocaching - treasure hunt - see www.geocaching.com 

Several fine specialty shops - Cafe visit

Bryggerhuset on Jahren in Askim open Wednesday to Sunday,
Havnås Old school in Trøgstad open Thursday - Sunday.
Møllerens house open both Easter Saturday 11.00 to 16.00 and from 12.00 to 16.00 1. Easter Sunday.
Stabburet at Holth in Aremark open Thursdays and Sundays.
All also have small cafe

You can also find several other cafees and restaurants in the region.  

 FYI - Smaalenene Hotel will be closed from 9 to 18. April.
The Norwegian Recistance museum in Rakkestad normally open every Sunday and Ole Kjærbu's war historic museum in Tomter normally open every thursday is also closed for Easter.



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