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Places to swim

In Inner Østold there are many accumulated places for a swim.

Places to swim

Here is a summary of some of the lovely bathing spots in Indre Østfold. There are also a numerous tarns and lakes in the region which can be very inviting for a dip.


The Fjella area in particular is rich in idyllic spots for both swimming and fishing, and there are many super places along the Glomma , Lake Øyern, Lake Rømsjøen, Lake Rødnessjøen and Lake Øymarksjøen.


Hallerud - On Lake Lyseren in the north of Spydeberg. WC and kiosk in the summer.


Granodden - On Lake Lyseren in the north of Spydeberg. WC, fishing and bathing jetty for the disabled.


Bergsjøtjern - Follow Lundsv. road from highway 115 in Skiptvet centre, turn off at Mørkv. road and follow the signs from Skakkebakke to the tarn. Toilet, bathing jetty, sandy beach.


Solbergfoss - by Solbergfoss power sttion in Askim. Signposted from highway 115 (Berger intersection) towards Trøgstad. WC and bathing jetty.

Sandstangen - Signposted from highway 22 between Skjønhaug and Båstad. WC, Cafe, sandy beach, facilities for the disabled.


Gravtjern near Skjønhaug - By Trøgstad Fort, turn off just south of Skjønhaug centre by Trøgstad Country Museum, highway 22. Facilities for disabled.


Stiklatjern in Båstad - turn off highway 22 north of Båstad centre towards Torp. Then follow signs to Stikla. Toilets.


Mørkfoss - Tosebygda by highway 15 between Skjønhaug and Askim, enhanced bathing place.


Lake Lundeby bathing beach - by E18 motorway, Lundeby in Hærland, signposted from E18. WC, kiosk, sandy beach, shower, slide for children, child-friendly.


Kolbjørnsvik - Signposted from highway 124 between Rakkestad and Aremark. WC, floating jetty, facilities for disabled. Child frindly.


Holtetjern - Signposted from highway 22 between Rakkestad and Halden. WC diving area, jetties, child-friendly.


Tjuvholmen - just south of Rødenes church in Marker. WC.


Tangen - directly north of Ørje locks at the south end of Lake Rødenessjøen. WC, showers, facilities for disabled.


Husborn - in the Bøen fjord in the southeast of Lake Øymarksjøen, Marker. WC.


Østre Otteid - By Stora Lee, turn off highway 21, 15 km south of Ørje. WC.


Kirkesand - By Rømskog church, Lake Rømsjen. Sandy beach, toilet.


Sandviksand - East of Kurøen, Lake Rømsjøen. Bathing jetty, sandy beach, toilet.

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