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Lookout towers

Indre Østfold has several lookout towers.

Linnekleppen (325 metres above sea level) lies in the southeast, on the border between Marker and Rakkestad. The view across Østfold from here is spectacular, and a marked footpath goes from highway 124 to Linnekleppen.


Skollingsbergåsen (212 metres above sea level) lies in the northwest, on the edge of Fjella and provides a view all the way to the Norefjell Mountains.


A summer footpath signposted in blue leaves from Susebakke or from Faugli. Nordre Stange Varde (286 metres above sea level) lies at the heart of Fjella: set out from Trollbergtjern near the E18, from Ørje Kursted, from Skrabberud in Rakkestad or from Brattfoss in Trømborg.


Haukenesfjellet Mountain (335 metres above sea level) in Rømskog with its firewatcher tower (12 metres) allows you to climb as high as is possible in Østfold!

This is also a overnight cabin. Pre booking at Rømskog Kommune.


The lookout tower on Vardåsen in Åsermarka in Askim stands 236 metres above sea level, and the tower measures 9 metres in height. On a clear day it is possible to see the peaks of Gaustadtoppen near Rjukan and Jonsknuten near Kongsberg.


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