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Fishing spots in Hobøl

The Hobøl River runs from Mjærvannet in the north and through Hobøl and Våler municipality before flowing out into Vannsjø. A number of fishing paths
have been created on the stretch from Brekke mill, south of Tomter to Holofossen and Skjelfossen.


Tisbjørnrud has a specially-designed wharf for
disabled people.


The entire stretch from Brekke mill and south to the Våler border provides opportunities for fishing pike, roach, perch and chub. Burbot can be found in deep pools such as Holoevja and Skjelfossdammen. The further south you go down the river
the greater the chances are of being able to fish eel.


There are trout at the top of the river, in the stretch Tomter – Mjær. Fishing here is permitted from 1 December to 30 September. Anyone over 16 must purchase a fishing licence. Fishing licences can be purchased at Petter’n Mix in Tomter, tel. +47 69920800


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