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Trøgstad Municipality

Trøgstad is located north in Østfold county, between lakes Øyeren and Hemnesberget Sea. There are three towns in the municipality; community center Skjønhaug, Bastad north of the village and Havnås to the east.


Trøgstad kommunevåpen
Trøgstad kommunevåpen
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Ravine at Øyern is a treasure in terms of species richness. The hiking terrain is right outside the front door for most residents, and opportunities for a diverse outdoor activities are great.

Fishing and hunting is widespread recreation. Oldest discovery of settlement is from Stikla in Bastad, probably 6000 years old. In TRØGSTAD coat of arms we find an anvil, because the community was previously known for its many skilled blacksmiths. There are still many talented artisans in the village.

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