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Spydeberg Municipality

Spydeberg municipality has almost everything you need, and the rest close by......

Spydeberg kommunevåpen
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It is claimed that Inner Østfold qualities are under communicated and that the region is unknown to other parts of the population in Norway. The residents who live here venture the assertion that Indre Østfold is an exciting borderland between Oslo and the Swedish border. There are many things to experience, exciting job opportunities, not to mention it is a region that is good to live in, because it is close enough to much. From Spydeberg it takes 41 minutes by public transport to get to Oslo.

About Spydeberg

Spydeberg municipality is situated approximately 45 km south - east of Oslo. The municipality borders Hobøl, Enebakk, Trøgstad, Askim, Skiptvet and Valer. The municipality is one of the largest growing municipalities in Østfold in relation to the percentage increase in population. The population is growing at an average 1.9% per year (about 5,500 inhabitants in 2014 ).


Spydeberg has great natural and cultural areas. The areas allow for recreation, nature, fresh air, learning, swimming, playing and exercise both summer and winter . The municipality streams, forest lakes and the river Glomma, Øyern and Lyseren provides many opportunities.


The municipality is known for its rich cultural heritage, especially related to constitutional history and Wilse. The story took place in connection with Spydeberg rectory which is recognized as the national historic site of national importance .

Spydeberg Rock Festival are the biggest single cultural event. The festival is held the last weekend in May, drawing participants from around the Oslo area.


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