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Rømskog Municipality

Rømskog - Østfolds gem. Rømskog is focusing on business development and offers affordable land for housing. Rømskog is with around 700 inhabitants is the smallest municipality in eastern Norway and among the smallest nationwide.

Rømskog kommunevåpen
Rømskog kommunevåpen
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 Rømskog has been inhabited since before the early Stone Age. The first farms were built ca. 500 BC, but the lifestock is believed to have been run already for 4000-5000 years ago. Many of today's farms stems from viking age.


Most of the rivers in Rømskog flows into Swedish waters. The increasing sawmill business in Halden in the 15 -1600's and floating timber on Haldencanal spread from the year 1700 also to include Rømskog. Limits to Rømskog municipality is known for refugee routes during the war. 


Many active clubs and organizations, a new cultural center, a rural museum and cultural center and a beautiful nature gives you the best opportunities for meaningful leisure. With its large wooded hills, lakes and water Rømskog stand out as a special and scenic gem in the otherwise flat eastern landscape. Over 100 lakes and ponds provide abundant outdoor recreation and fishing. Rømsjøen, 14km2 large, provides opportunities for swimming, fishing, sailing and kayaking . Here are lot of mushrooms and cranberries, diverse wildlife with beaver and a large moose population. Forest star is the municipal flower.


A paradise for canoeing people - connection to Swedish waters. Water quality is very good. Trout not only exists, but is common in many waters. Licenses can be purchased at the store and the town hall . Canoes can be rented.


In Rømskog there are many marked hiking trails. Nice picnic and swimming areas are Kirkesandskjæret by Rømskog church and Sandvik Sand further east of Kurøen .


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