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Rakkestad Municipality

Rakkestad is located in Østfold and has two towns, Rakkestad and Degernes.

Rakkestad kommunevåpen
Rakkestad kommunevåpen
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The first people came to Rakkestad already 10 000 years ago. They settled at Høgnipen on Rørmyr and Mellommyr, which are among the oldest hunting settlements. Discovery of burial mounds and forts bear witness to life through the millennia. Findings of the 3000 years old petroglyphs were made in summer 1986 on the farm Bjørnstad in the south.

The municipality has attractive spaces, perfectly suited for all kinds of outdoor activities in all seasons, with marked trails, shooting ranges, lakes and hunting grounds in relation to the tour and excursion sites. There are opportunities to rent cabins and canoes.


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