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Eidsberg Municipality

Eidsberg municipality has 11,290 inhabitants (as of November 2013 ) and an area of ​​235.91 km2. Mysen is the administrative center and a stop on Østfold eastern railroad line. European route E18 goes through the town and is an important transport route between Oslo and Stockholm. Mysen 's municipal center with a wide trade offers  activities for youth sports and leisure. The landscape of the municipality is mostly open , with large fertile areas, which contribute to Eidsberg being an agricultural community where 33 % of the municipal area is rural area of ​​operation.

Eidsberg Kommunevåpen
Eidsberg Kommunevåpen
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is a great walking area that is used all year round. There are marked trails and with the possibility for food and drinks at the cabins Einarbu and Arnbjørnrud that are open on Sundays during the winther. The terrain is hilly with picturesque sites and rich fishing opportunities.


Eidsberg Municipality's most famous attraction is Momarken racecourse, which is one of the most active trot courses with around 50 racedays a year. In addition Momarken Raceway is rectified to have EM rounds in Rallycross.

Høytorp Fort

A major attraction is also Høytorp Fort, the largest inland fortress, which in 2001 was transferred from the military to Eidsberg municipality. The area is now a recreational area and has 40 large and small buildings housing companies, associations, artists and Restaurant Fortet. Parts of the old fortresses are signposted with rich information and here are the guided tours every Sunday during the summer months. In winter there are a 2 km long floodlit skitrail with artificial snow, which is frequently used by ski enthusiasts children and adults.

Folkenborg Museum

is an open air museum with farm yard , croft and animals in summer. The museum consists of transfered houses from Indre Østfold, mainly from Eidsberg. Particularly interesting is the large Narvestad building from 1723. There was a church here in the Middle Ages, and king Haakon was born here in 1204.


Built as a cinema in 1958. Has a large auditorium with 400 seats and a great functionalist foyer with kiosk and café. The building houses the cinema, swimming pool and cultur center.

Eidsberg Library

is open every day except Mondays.

Eidsberg Church

is dedicated to St. Olaf and is the only one of the village's medieval churches that have survived, at least the bulk of it. The church is first mentioned in 1236 in Earl Håkonsson saga in connection with the meeting between Duke Skule and Ambjørn Jonsson. The oldest church - missionary church - was probably of wood. The oldest church that they have found the remains of are of Roman type. 

The current church is in the Gothic style and is probably built in the later half of the 12th century. It is constructed of stone, and it is up to 2.5 m thick walls.


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