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Indre Østfold

Rich diversity  

Crossed by the E18, the main highway between Oslo and Stockholm, two major watercourses (the River Glomma and the Halden Canal), and between two international airports (Gardermoen and Rygge), Indre Østfold is very easy to get to.


Nevertheless, the ten municipalities that make up this central part of eastern Norway are something of a hidden gem – undiscovered even by many of the people who travel through the region regularly.


At first glimpse from a car or train window, it may appear “average” – but, like many gems, its treasures are hidden and require a close look. In many ways this region is average – in a good way. For here you will find a little of everything gathered in an area you can easily cover in a single afternoon.


You do not have to go far to find everything you could want in terms of holiday and recreational activities and attractions. As you cross Indre Østfold, you are struck by the huge swathes of woodland, fields and meadows, lakes and countryside that offer a wealth of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. Another first impression is one of peace and tranquillity.


But Indre Østfold has much more to offer than just peace and tranquillity. The towns Askim and Mysen offer a complete range of shopping opportunities, cafés and restaurants, nightlife, and other urban attractions. The smaller towns and villages that have grown up round the region’s many hubs have everything you need on a daily basis – all with a dash of local colour. Relax and enjoy the local way of life in this hospitable region.


Once you’ve had your fill of peace and tranquillity and rolling countryside, there are numerous high-adrenaline activities to get your heart racing, such as motor sports at Rudskogen Motorsenter in Rakkestad, physical challenges at Joval Events i Marker, or you could try your hand at golf on one of the region’s two golfcourses in Askim and Spydeberg.


No visit to this area that has always been at the centre of events, in war and in peace, would be complete without a visit to one of the many historical attractions. Indre Østfold has a large number of museums that tell the story of the past, each with its own special character – an educational contrast to all the entertainment on offer at Indre Østfold’s wide range of cultural arenas and festivals.


Indre Østfold is waiting to welcome you, whether you come for a day trip or take advantage of the various accommodation offerings – from a healthful stay at the exclusive Rømskog Spa and Resort, to a farm stay, to camping, to sleeping in “Gapahuk” shelters in the countryside.


Why not stop for a break and explore a little next time you’re passing through Indre Østfold and find out what is below the surface of this “average” region?







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