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The Halden canal Regionalpark

The aim of the regional park is to achieve long-term development that will provide greater value and the desire to live in communities along the canal. Regional Park Halden Canal (RH) was established in 2012. Partners are Aurskog, Rømskog, Marker, Aremark and Halden municipalities and Østfold county.

Halden canal Regional park works with branding, development of the tourist industry, primary industry and local development in Aurskog Høland, Rømskog, Marker, Aremark and Halden municipality.


The Halden canal regional park will further develop the canal and the surrounding landscape areas. This includes not only areas with direct access to the river, but the entire area covered by the five municipalities.


Basically, the Halden Canal and surrounding areas have a variety of competitive advantage. The most important is easy access to unspoiled nature and proximity to populated areas, as well as proximity to a strong concentration of businesses and organizations. Also close to the Swedish border and cross-border cooperation is to be regarded as a competitive advantage for the region.


Halden canal regional park includes the five municipalities situated in two counties. It has been named after it channeled waterway that connects the Inner Akershus with the sea in Østfold. Today the canal is a waterway between Skulerud in Aurskog Høland and Tistedal in Halden. The waterway links the large inland areas to the sea, although it is not passable for boats.


Historically the large forest areas along the border, which for centuries has supplied timber for processing and export via Halden - is the reason for the canal. Tistedal and Halden was among Norway's first industrial sites, and accounted for a significant portion of exports before steam engines and electricity was introduced. This was only possible by expanding access to timber as forest near the coast was carved. The extensive channeling of the river was begun mid-1800s,


Another important part of the story is related to the Swedish border. When Bohuslän was lost in 1658 to Sweden, Halden got their strong defenses, especially at Fredriksten. From that time and until 1905 there were built a number of border fortifications. Also during the occupation from 1940 to 1945 was the borderland arena for much memorable activity.


Regional park has taken name by Halden Canal, because this is the most magnificent monument in the area, and an arena for exciting activities. Under this brand also includes other activities in the area, including those located some distance away from the canal and the water string. Regional park includes a limited geographical landscape area with a common culture and identity foundation.


Halden Canal Regional Park's Vision is:


"Along Halden canal is a profitable business and a rich cultural life, based on nature, sharpened skills and villages where people not only stayes but lives!"


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