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Shelters and campground

Along the Halden Canal, there are many great shelters and camp grounds and the stage is set for many fine canoe trips along the canal and in the communities around. The Halden Canal is 8 mil long and offers beautiful scenery and cultural relics and three lock places with a total of 8 lock chamber - Ørje, Strømsfoss and Brekke. The latest has Northern Europe's highest lift height in the locks - 27 meters.

Here are a listing of the shelters from Aurskog Holand and down to Halden.

Aurskog Holand

Halsnes Recreation Area - A shelter with access from the water. Located out on a peninsula in the lake Mjermen.

Hvervsøya in Setten - Out on an island.



Vene Moen - Shelter and toilet. Not available directly from the water.
Storøya in Rømsjøen - Shelter with fireplace and toilet. Easily visible from the water.
Vortungen - Shelter not far from Rømskog Spa & Resort.



Sæterøy - Two shelters, one ljørkoie and an environment toilet. Available only from the water.
Tjuvholmen - Great recreational area with swimming area nearby. toilet at the bathing area.
Høleritomta - Shelter on the boat club area in ​Ørje. Jetties and simple toilet.
Ørje river - A shelter. Not visible from the water.
Kirkebyøya - Shelter only accessible from the water.
Husborn recreational area - at the border between Aremark and Marker. A shelter, toilet on the recreational area.
Trolløya - Not far from the Swedish border. A shelter that is accessible only from the water.



By the locks - Tangen in Strømsfoss - Two shelters near each other by the channel Facilities include a shower and toilet.
Vestfjella, Skotjern - A shelter in quiet forest lakes
Skjæra- A shelter below Furulund / sports ground.
Tripperød - On the east side of Aspern. A shelter and toilet



Brekke - Just south of Brekke locks. Northern Europe's highest locks. A lean-to.
Vadet - Right at the southern end of Femsjøen, at the entrance to the Tista. A shelter.

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