Visit the Halden Canal - great experiences in the Halden Canal

The Halden Canal


The Halden Canal is hidden deep inside the forests in the border region, well worth a visit! These idyllic and exciting waterways, running parallell to the national border to Sweden, stretches from Skulerud in the north to Tistedal in the south, a length of almost 80 kilometres. Here you may paddle or use a boat throught idyllic lakes and impressive locks - in a stunning landscape peppered with interesting heritage sites.


The Halden Canal is a special cultural heritage, and in recent years the canal has been set in good condition so that you can now travel from north to south and pass through three lock points and five lakes on the journey. There are many great experiences in and along the canal. And here you can swim, fish, eat, experience art and culture, live and experience the great nature!



The Halden Canal

The Soot - theatre

Map and broschure

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