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The Halden Canal

Halden Canal is a Norwegian natural and cultural experience - and a monument to the great canal builder Engebret Soot. Halden Canal is, next to the Telemark Canal, the only channel system in Norway. It stretches 80 km from Skulerud in Akershus Tistedal at Halden.
Brekke locks
Halden canal consists of three gate locations, and a total lifting height of 39 m in the north we find Ørje locks with 3 lock chambers and a total lifting height of 10 meters Sluice gates are manually operated.
Strømsfoss gate has a lock chamber, and 2 m lift height. Brekke locks have 4 lock chamber and a lifting height of 27 m Brekke locks is Northern Europe's highest locks.


MS Strømsfoss

MS Strømsfoss operates though Femsjøen to Brekke locks, then continue  though Aspern, which enters the lake Ara, and at the end of Ara is again the locks in Strømsfoss.

More information and timetable:M/S Strømsfoss

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