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Svinesund - Europe's most beautiful border crossing.

Svinesund - is one of the largest and most important border crossing between Norway and Sweden, the rest of Europe and the continent. In 2011 passed an average of 19,300 vehicles across the border - daily. Beautiful scenery and architecture is the first thing you see on the way to Halden, whether you come by boat or car.

When you pass under the bridges Svinesund at the entrance to Halden, you will be in the borderland between Norway and Sweden. If you sail middle of the fjord, you have the border just below the keel. 


The old bridge across Svinesund

  • On 15 June 1946 the granite bridge opened
    67 meters above the fjord
  • On June 15 2005 the old grantie bridge across Svinesund was desinated as a protected historical monument.
    Each year 6000 cars crossed  the border

New Svinesund across Svinesund

  • On 10 June 2005 the new bridge was opened.
    704 meters long.
    Vehicle lanes are 60 meters above the fjord.
    The arch reaches 92 meters above the fjord.
    The bridge section under the arch is 126 meters long, but can expand up to a full meter in the summer heat.
    The bridge is built to stand or at least 120 years
     In 2011 an average of 19,300 vehicles across the border - daily.


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