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Rød Herregård (manor)

Rød Manor is a unique experience both inside and outside.

The main building
The manor Rød is something beyond a regular museum. This magnificent place has a 300 year history and you can see interiors that when Rød was inhabited, with old period furniture, art, hunting trophies and one of the largest collections of weapons in Norway.

The garden
The garden is a scenery of its own. It includes a large formal garden, with an English landscape garden surrounding it. It holds beautiful features as a octagonal pavilion and a lime tunnel, with distinct reminders of the dramatic history in terms of a hermitage, salute battery and cemetery.
The garden is a popular place to meet - always open to the public.


Guided tours
Regular guided tours of the house and the garden from May to September. Closed tours for groups apart from the regular schedule at request.


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