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Clothing and textiles

Dale. Røros Tweed, reindeer skins and much more! 

Dale of Norway

We have a wide range of different Dale sweaters, varying in pattern and price. Dale of Norway is a high quality brand which produces all of their clothing in Dale Valley outside of Bergen. The brand dates back to 1879. 

Maruis sweater

The Marius sweater is in big demand, together with the Fana sweater, and you can find them both at Svinesund Infocentre. The Marius sweater design was created in 1953 and was named after a famous Norwegian warhero, actor and skier named Marius Eriksen. 

Røros blanket

Amazing nice and warm high quality woolblankets from Røros Tweed. We have 3 different sizes: baby, child and adult. Røros Tweed dates back to the 1940s, and is currently the only producer of throws and blankets in Scandinavia. 

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