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About Halden Turist

Board: Halden Turist


- established in 1937

- a membership organization with approx. 65 from core businesses, trade/finance/industry and individual contributors. 

- Co-operation with Halden Municipality 

- The board consits of 8 directors - 5 are chosen from the members, 3 are appointed (1 political representative from Halden municipality, 1 administrative leader from Fredriksten Fortress and 1 from the commercial sector).


Goals for the tourism industry in Halden:


Contribute to business development and increase profitability for the local businesses in Halden by:

- offering a varied range of products to both the local comunity and tourists.

- increasing the number of tourists/vistors to Halden

- increasing the number of days a vistor spends in Halden


Halden Turist have offices on the following locations: Halden city entre/ marina, Fredriksten Infocenter and Svinesunc Infocenter. 


Main tasks: Tourist information/host function, guiding services, travel groups, marketing internett and increasing knowledge. 


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