Transport - Fredrikstad and Hvaler - Visit Østfold


Find out how to get to Fredrikstad & Hvaler and to get around in the cities. Fredrikstad is situated in the Southern parts of the Østfold County, only 90 km south of Oslo and 30 km from the Swedish border.

Take the E6 southbound from Oslo and from Råde, you follow the signs to Fredrikstad on highway 110. If you drive from the South or West parts of Norway, it might be easier to take the ferry from Horten to Moss, rather than drive through the Oslo area.


Fredrikstad is also easily accessible with public transport. There are frequent services from Oslo and from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. From Oslo, it takes about 1 hr 20 minutes, whilst from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, approximately 2 hrs.


There is also a good train service to and from Oslo. Departs every hour from Oslo Central Station. During rush hour, there are departures every half hour. During the summer season, there are daily boat trips to Strømstad, Sweden, both from Fredrikstad and from the Hvaler Islands. City centre ferry and river crossing; to and from the Fortified town, has frequent services from the early hours of the morning until late.

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