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Timetable and tips

We use the Hollungen Ferries for island hopping. It is a good idea to study the timetable carefully, and it is advisable to have both the timetable and a map of the eastern isles with you.

The ferry calls at these places, and in this order: Lauer on Nordre Lauer, Herføl’s northeast by the Herfølrenna, Nedgården on the west of Søndre Sandøy, Nordre (near Sanne syd) on Nordre Sandøy, Gravningsund at Buvika northeast on Søndre Sandøy and finally Makø northeast on Nordre Sandøy


One should note the places of call and where they are in the landscape – the names may be spelt differently on your map and the timetable. There are 19 departures – but none visits every island.  Some of them visit Nedgården, Nordre and Gravningsund on both way out and the way back. Note also these letters by certain times in the timetable:  


'd' – if requested, give notification the evening before

'e' – if requested, give notification 45 minutes in advance

'h' – from 1 Sept to 15 June advance notification must be given


Rutetider Hvalerferga
Rutetider Hvalerferga
Photo: Hvalerferga


If you buy a 24h ticket you can get off and get on as much as you want all day.


From the timetable we can see that the ferry stops most often at Herføl and Nedgården, least often at Lauer and Makø. If you want to travel the length of Nordre Sandøy it is best to begin at Makø in the north. The gravel track takes you to Nordre from where the ferry hop over to Gravningsundet on Søndre Sandøy is only 5 minutes. From here there is a gravel road west to Nedgården, at which all the 19 ferries stop.


Herføl has one place of call. The island is so lovely you really ought to take a round tour before getting back on a later ferry.


If you wish to combine a visit to Lauer with other islands, then note that there may be a long wait for a ferry if you go ashore at the first place of call.


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