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Nordre Sandøy

The more northerly of the Sandøy islands is a little smaller than its sister. By the ferry quay is Makø Summer Café, which has become very popular in recent years. This is a place with a difference.

The more northerly of the Sandøy islands is a little smaller than its sister. The highest point, Signalen (58 m) is just north of the more southerly jetty. The name tells us that this was a strategically vital signalling point in less peaceful times. Norde Sandøy has few permanent residents and on large parts of the island there are no cottages. The first people to make Hvaler their summer residence chose the Sandøy islands, and their villas can still be seen on both sides of the Gravningsundet Sound. You can see them as you walk east from the ferry quay on the Under Signalen road, or Skippergata, as it is often called.


At the northerly ferry stop we find Makø Summer Café which has become popular in recent years. This is a place with a difference in many ways. Tore and Lene Amarius have created an idyll based on Buddhist ideas, reflected in the interior design and quiet, soothing background music. While we adults relaxing with a bite to eat, the children will enjoy playing outdoors and visiting the many different animals. Refreshments are reasonably priced here. A visit to Makø is a highlight of all island hopping.

South to Sanne

After a breakfast or lunch at Makø we walk north through a beautiful oak wood to Tordenskjoldbukta Bay. The naval commander Tordenskjold hid his fleet here from the prying Swedish scouts. A fleet of pleasure boat owners enjoy its shelter today.

Then we turn south again and follow the idyllic gravel road through wood and grazing pastures. Grazing animals have been reintroduced again, not least to keep the vegetation under control, giving us many lovely flower meadows.

Halfway down the coast is Tresvika Bay, popular among boat owners, but also an easily accessible bathing spot if you come by land. From Tresvika we choose the old road that runs east of the new main road. From this we can make a detour to Anna’s Grove, a beech copse planted in a sheltered hollow by the sea. Anna’s grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel Dahll, had a summer villa by Gravningssundet Sound. On the final stretch of our walk down to the ferry we pass old summer houses built more than a hundred years ago for society’s most prosperous and privileged members.

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