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Lauer is just a short ferry hop from Skjærhalden. Today the picturesque houses of the old fishing community are holiday homes. The landscape of Lauer consists mostly of small knolls and naked rock. In earlier days this little cluster of islands was home to a mackerel processing plant, but the buildings are now used by holidaying visitors.

Three ferries daily visit Lauer, the smallest of the eastern isles, making it their first stop. Who visits Lauer? For most part it is people who have holiday cottages there. Island-hopping visitors don’t have it at the top of their list. The second ferry gives us two hours at our disposal before the last ferry picks us up. But remember to notify the ferry personnel, or you’ll be left in its wake.

The secret of Lauer

But Lauer guards a secret. The regional coast authority has at its disposal a cottage by the ferry quay. There are four beds and a basic standard – but who needs more for a few days on the island? There is also a small 14-foot rowboat. With this we can enjoy ourselves between the Lauer skerries, and get away for a while from the many people on Nordre Lauer at their holiday homes.

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