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Hvaler – island by island

Hvaler is made up of 833 islands and skerries – there is pretty much a warm beach and a sheltered bay for every taste. Hvaler offers delights by land and by sea. The island paradise is perfect both for daytrips and long explorations.

As you drive from Kråkerøy onto the Kjøkøysund Bridge, we can sense it – some excitement in the air, we’re getting close. But it is when we turn a bend onto the Puttesund Bridge that a whole new world opens up. This is the gateway to the Hvaler Islands. The old bridge has got delusions of grandeur since two towers were built to give its sagging constitution a stiff upper lip. The toll booths that used to frighten people away, are long gone, though we passed one on the way out of Fredrikstad. People stopping here today will have a fishing rod ready, and sea trout in mind. Not us, we drive on to get to know Hvaler. Ahead lie 833 islands and skerries, in other words a warm beach and a sheltered bay for every taste. 


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