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The Hvaler Islands

Hvaler consits of 833 islands, islets and skerries.


The largest place on the islands is Skjærhalden on Kirkøy. At Skjærhalden, you will find shops, restaurants and guest harbour. Outer Hvaler National Park exhibition centre is located in Kornmagasinet, and the kids may meet King Neptune in the Lilleputt Pool by the quayside. You get here either by boat, public transport or by car. There is a ferry connection from Skjærhalden to Nordre and Søndre Sandøy, Herføl and Lauer, and a coastal ferry to Strømstad.

Things you must do on the islands

Visit the Art road at Vesterøy and the Coastal museum at Spjærøy. Enjoy a Norwegian musical in Brottet, go for a walk to see the Archimedes screw in Hellekilen, or simply enjoy one of the Oslofjords’ finest beaches, Storesand. Reduce your handicap at Hvaler golf course. Keep the romance glowing on the Lovers Lane, visit the fantastic Middelage church and the Sculpture park at Rødshuet. Enjoy fresh seafood in Utgårdkilen, or get on the island-hop ferry and let your thoughts wander under the wide-open sky!



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