St. Croix and Blå Grotte

Two culture houses with something for everyone - St. Croix and Blå Grotte

Fredrikstad municipality has two culture houses; The St. Croix House, the house where you can both experience and perform the arts, and Blå Grotte, the Blue Cave; the grand hall of Fredrikstad.

St.Croix-huset is a creative environment for everyone be it families with children, young adults, grown ups and those who are retired. The former school building houses everything from meeting rooms, courses and activities as well as three stages full of great concerts and events. Blå Grotte is the regular stage for Riksteateret and offers theatre, concerts, dance and stand up shows.


For more than 25 years St. Croix has been a creative hub for the art and culture interested. The different stages are perfect for concerts, theatres and work shops, while the rest of the building houses artisans and guests participating in everything from meetings and activities to events, dance, bridge and a painting group. Everyone contributes creatively to a great and mixed environment where the café is the natural meeting place. The house is also perfect for conferences and seminars.


Blå Grotte is a culture house with a wide variety. Here both the local artisans and national artists use the scenes of the house. The local children- and youth theatre, Vindeleka, have their shows here every autumn and young, fresh talents of the arts perform here. Blå Grotte is centrally located in the pedestrian street and is mainly used as a stage for music, shows and theatre and is also rented out for closed events as banquets and conferences. The building houses a modern cultural hall, Grotta, the cave, and a more intimate hall, Speilet, (The Mirror).

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