Quarteret Café- Small but rich wine-café

Small but rich wine-café

Fredrikstad’s smallest but arguably coziest café is found in the charming quarter of Cicignon. This old kiosk, between the train station and the ferry docks, is today a popular café which often has exciting concerts and expositions.

The café used to be an old kiosk. Today, Quarteret has gained a popular function as the local pub and winebar attracting people of all ages. This place hosts expositions, quizes and intimate concerts with both local and out-of-town artists. This may make it abit tight – but nevertheless more cozy.


Quarteret Café has a rich selection of wines and beers. With five beers on tap, 35 different wines and 15 different sorts of bottled beer, this place has something for everyone. Sometimes they also serve food to accompany the drinks. In short, you are never too far away from a good conversation.


Summer wine all year round

The café’s welcoming atmosphere has a touch of Copenhagen, while the charm and informal tone can resemble something out of a French bistro or a bar in Berlin. Without further comparison, we can say that Quarteret is well in touch with Fredrikstad’s new slogan: the small city of the world.


The outdoor section is open all year round, even though it admittedly feels good when blankets are traded in with summer heat. Sitting on street level amongst old buildings and leaf trees, you become one with the surroundings and minutes suddenly can turn into hours.


So, whether you’re heading to the train, ferry or just out for a stroll, Quarteret Café is worth a stop.




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