Isegran Fredrikstad

The island in the middle of the city

Between Kråkerøy, Gamlebyen and Fredrikstad city center lies the historic island of Isegran. Here, Minemagasinet hosts activities, accommodation and events in a unique environment.

Minemagasinet entered Isegran in 2017 with the ambition to make the island a natural center for activities. They have invested heavily and taken the whole island into use. Among other things, they have refurbished the café, which today can boast the most beautiful surroundings in Fredrikstad.

The café has a menu designed with “reasonably priced quality” as a starting point. Minemagasinet café has recently been renovated and has a great menu, a nice outdoor seating and weekly activities. A good tip is the quiz being held on Thursdays at 19 pm.

Historic accommodation
You can also stay in several of Isegran's historic buildings. Minemagasinet runs a bed and breakfast and has unique venues for weddings, summer parties, kick-offs, Christmas parties and similar events. In short, you can live and sleep in the same surroundings as naval hero Tordenskjold and his fleet did, some 300 years ago.

Minemagasinet offers a variety of activities. They have escape rooms, bubble football, beer tasting and Archery Attack archery game. Whether the occasion is special or not, Minemagasinet has many and fun pastimes for small and large groups.


Maritime centre along the river

Along the riverbed of Isegran, there are many beautiful wooden boats being restored. The maritime center is run by volunteers and professionals who also build boats - a long standing tradition in Fredrikstad. A nice combination is to stroll a walk on the pier, before going to the cafe for a glass or a better lunch.

To get to the island you can either take a bus or car over Kråkerøy or take a ferry stopping at Isegran. The ferry is obviously recommended, as it is both free and gives you a "minicruise" on the river.

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