Kongsten swimming pool

Public health and the joy of swimming for young and old

Kongsten swimming pool is a social meeting point, whether it be with bustling life outside during the summer, or with a peaceful morning swim indoors during the winter.

Between Kongsten Fort, the golf course and Gamlebyen you will find a dream place for everyone who loves water. A newly restored outdoor pool area with a diving tower, a pool for the smallest children, a water slide, large green areas and a 50 metre long swimming pool. Indoors, we are open all year round with morning swims, a common area and a lovely temperature.


Kongsten offers much more than just being a place to swim. In winter time there are regular groups that meet for a morning swim inside, once or several times a week. A social gathering often ending up with a trip to the sauna. There are many of those who, in their younger days, had the outdoor facilities as their playground during the summer, with diving from the ten meter diving tower, for the once with nerves of steel, to playing, flirting and working out all at the same place. With large areas of green, places for barbeques, and picnic areas this is a great meeting place for young and old.


The management is new and often up to new surprises, like a spontaneous concert or a theatre, Mozart on the speaker in the morning during the Mozart festival in Gamlebyen and many more fun happenings.


«We want to play along with the surroundings, stay updated on what is going on in our city and try to be a part of it as much as we can. We wish to attract new groups of people and we often see that people playing golf, after a long day of playing, come here for a relaxing swim, or that families with their children round up a day of sightseeing in Gamlebyen with a trip here» manager Glenn Harald Andersen tells us.


Anderesen is very aware of public health and wishes people welcome to use their bicycle when coming to Kongstenhallen.


«With the ferries going often it is easy to get here by bicycle. We have also renovated our extended bicycle parking and will look well after those who choose this as an alternative» Andersen says.


Right next door to the pool you will find Actic Gym and they work closely together. Here you can do all your workout in one place, relax after the gym, use the sauna and hang out with friends. Few things create more joy for all ages than water.


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