Island hopping at Hvaler

Island hopping at Hvaler archipelago

The Hvaler archipelago is beautiful and scattered with pearls. Bring your family on a day trip or bring your tent and explore the islands reachable by ferry.

Hollungen AS is the ferry company that provides rides between the eastern islands at Hvaler municipality. The ferries are based in Skjærhalden and bring passengers, cars, trucks and other things needed to be transported to all the islands outside Skjærhalden. With nineteen departures daily there is much you can see in a day, all year round.


Island hopping, or island jumping, is a popular way to use the unique ferry system. M/S Hollungen, M/S Hvalerferga II and M/S Olava bring you from Skjørhalden to Northern and Southern - Sandøy, Herføl, Lauer, Makø and back. With these charming ferries you can move from island to island on a calm but enjoyable trip around the Hvaler archipelago. At the same time this is the daily commute route for many locals so it is an offer which is provided all year round.


Summer is not the only time to enjoy and explore the islands. A fresh autumn day can be just as nice, and how about seeing this summer paradise in its winter clothes? Spring on the islands can take your breath away, covered in blankets of white anemone nemorosa flowers and a silence and peacefulness you find few other places.

Itinerary and price information is found in this brochure (pdf).

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