Gulating pub – craft beer i Gamlebyen

Gulating pub – craft beer in Gamlebyen

In the middle of The Old Town has Gulating pub opened its doors. Here you can dive into many layers of history and a vast selection of beverages.

Gulating pub is an exciting newcomer to Gamlebyen. The pub has 19 beers on tap, a big selection of bottled beer and Østfold county’s largest selection of cognacs. In the cozy backyard you can enjoy the spirit of Gamlebyen and have great conversations, while accompanied by exciting flavours from the bar.


Even though Gulating is newly opened, the pub is run by professional people. Main man Morten Krogh used to run Ølgaarden beer shop and he has vast knowledge about ingredients, brewing and types. That’s why a visit to Gulating Pub in Gamlebyen can impress even the most skilled among connoisseurs. 


History in the walls and taps

Gulating pub is located in Plus-gården, the Plus Building. Named after the Plus School which once was there. The school graduates jewelers, shoecobblers and students of similar crafts, with deep roots in The Old Town. The Plus School is still in Gamlebyen – but in the Plus Building however, there’s another type of craft going on.


The name Gulating is a reference to the Gulating Law. A 1000 year old law, demanding every farmer in the realm to brew beer. This was done to be on the good side of the gods’ will. In the fortified town of Fredrikstad, stories tell that it was normal to go through several litres of beer everyday, in stead of other potentially contaminated sources of water.


Beer is still being brewed in Norway today. For Gulating Pub, it’s with a respectful nod to local history and the Gulating Law that their name has its origin. In this pub you can be safe to say that history runs in both the walls and taps.



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