Gamlebyen Hotel - A peaceful oasis in the heart of Gamlebyen

A peaceful oasis in the heart of Gamlebyen - Gamlebyen Hotel

The charming Gamlebyen Hotel gives you the opportunity to stay right in the heart of the best preserved fortified town in Northern Europe. Laidback and with a feeling of being at home, within a short distance of everything.

Wake up to the sun shining through lace curtains, put on your slippers and robe and enjoy your morning coffee on a bench in the cobbled stone back yard. The life at the hotel in Gamlebyen is different from anywhere else. Historic surroundings, pleasantly laid back, and if you walk just a few steps more you can sip your coffee on the jugabenken, the bench for gossip, right outside your door, with the locals. This is the place to let your shoulders down and be at peace.


Gamlebyen hotel is a small, intimate hotel with high standards and lots of charm in the heart of Gamlebyen. Just a few steps outside your door you will find the natural meeting places in this fortified town, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and lovely stores. Each of the 16 rooms are decorated in a unique historic style, newly refurbished, inviting and personalized and with your own bathroom, slippers and a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy your breakfast at Gamlebyen Gjestgiveri, the old venerable vicarage right around the corner.


There are few places more suitable for a wedding night, bring your partner or the whole family. The hotel has a fully furnished suite with its own bedroom, kitchen and a large bathroom, with room for 4 people to sleep and with dining space for 10.


Gamlebyen Hotel is the perfect base for a visit to Fredrikstad. The free city ferry is located a few hundred meters down the street and will take you over to the west side of the city with its harbour and shopping areas. Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb (Old Fredrikstad Golf Club) is within walking distance, and so is the outdoor swimming arena of Kongsten. The distinctive Gamlebyen will tempt you with that buzzling small town feel, historical plays and walks, festivals or a sense of calm on top of the star shaped mound surrounding the whole historical city or along the shores of the river Glomma.


The many collaborations in Gamlebyen between places like Gamlebyen Gjestgiveri and Den Gamle bokbyen makes it easy to arrange occasions like weddings, parties, festivals and conferences all in the same area.

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