Fredrikstad Cultural Night

A plethora of cultural experiences during Fredrikstad Cultural Night September 14th

Friday September 14th you can experience concerts, exhibitions, walking tours, dance and much more from both professionals and amateurs - all in one night. During Fredrikstad Culture Night, adults, children and young people can walk through the city from experience to experience, completely free.

The culture night Fredrikstad will showcase the breadth and diversity of culture and experiences in our city. It is the municipality’s department of culture that is responsible for coordinating the event, but the actors themselves define the content. The culture night takes place within the framework of an autumn’s night and the whole city joins in.

All of the city's cultural institutions are invited to participate, be public or private, organsations and other actors. The event is a collaboration between actors in the city; cultural actors, institutions, arenas and organiaations in Fredrikstad.

In the fourth year
The culture night Fredrikstad was organized for the first time in 2015, as part of the warm up to the city’s anniversary, Fredrikstad 450 years, in 2017. The warm up continued with Fredrikstad Culture Night 2016, and in the 2017 anniversary, the Cultural Night was part of the main event. It has now been decided that Fredrikstad Cultural Night will be continued.

In 2017 one could go from a great theater picnic in Lykkeberg Park with all the city's children's theatres, for a concert with Ekko outside Blå Grotte, to swing dance in the pedestrian street. Teenagers had their very own scene at Flesketorvet. In the Værste  area you could experience the world-famous Circus Cirkör and in Glemmen church there were 450 minutes of hymns.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the city and cultural life. Perhaps you discover a new artist or see new sides of the city?

- What an autumn’s evening! Tonight, I experienced living in a big city. Randi Kristoffersen, Fredriksstad Blad (16th September 2017).

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