Fredrikstad cinema - Playful and modern

Fredrikstad cinema – Norway’s best

The city’s cinema, Fredrikstad kino, has been awarded Norway’s best cinema 15 times. A place where crazy events and world premiers with Hollywood stars is a regular happening.

363 days a year Fredrikstad Cinema is open from 12am. Six modern cinema auditoriums with top notch sound and picture show the newest film releases. Throughout the year there are festivals. Sci-Fi, Knitting-cinema, Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Nordic Docs, Polish Film days and Nordic Film days are some of the things you can enjoy.


On the 1st of April in 1917, long before we started April’s fools, Fredrikstad Cinema had their first viewing. This was 20 years after the first cinema film was shown in this town. But Fredrikstad Cinema is as far from a dusty old village cinema its possible to get. Here there are lots of crazy events with everything from fancy dress costumes at premieres to the city´s own film maker Harald Zwart organizing a world premier on one of his films here, with red carpets, glamour and imported Hollywood stars, like he did with both Karate Kid and Shadowhunters. A wall of hand cast witness visits from both Don Johnson, Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith with his even more famous father, Will Smith.


All year round, except on Christmas eve and on the National day the 17th of May, there are new films showing. 250 films are screened with 8000 shows a year, 12 hours a day with the most up to date and top notch sound and picture equipment in the world. 3D-films and Dolby Atmos sound gives you a feeling of being in the middle of the action as the sound comes from everywhere, even from the ceiling.


Cinema days are arranged, marathon cinema screening with films all through the night, midnight premiers and many great premiere events for young and old.


Fredrikstad Cinema is centrally located in the Town Hall in the middle of the pedestrian street, only a few steps away from the pier and the river.

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