Flexx - Pick up from where you are, whenyou need it

Free public transportation suited to your needs

Are you going shopping, to the doctor or perhaps visiting a friend far away from you? Flexx on demand -transport service can pick you up outside your door and take you there – for free.

- Our experience is that the Flexx service is especially suitable for older and disadvantaged people living outside the city centre, in need of welfare services or shopping but can not, because they do not have access to a car or a driver, says Solfrid Rød Olsen in Østfold Public Transportation.

She tells that Flexx is already a welcome form of transportation for many senior citizens in Fredrikstad and Hvaler, people who elsewise couldn’t have gotten around. - Flexx transport service is available at certains hours of the day. If you need to get to the gym, coffee visit or to the dentist during the daytime, then Flexx can pick you up at your door and get you there for free, says Rød Olsen.

How it works
Flexx has different services for those living in the city and those living outside it. In both cases you must prebook Flexx by telephone +47 69 12 54 80 or og to www.flexx.no at least 1 hour before departure.

Living outside the city
Og to www.flexx.no or contact us on  +47 69 12 54 80 to see if Flexx can pick you up where you are and at what time.

Living in the city

In the city centre, Flexx picks you up at certain Flexx stops. Go to www.flexx.no or make contact on +47 69 12 54 80 to see which Flexx-stop is closest to you, or to get more information on where Flexx is stopping.

When ordering you will get an exact time for when to be picked up. You have to be ready 5 minutes ahead of this time. If Flexx also is picking up others who have prebooked, you might have to expect a delay up to 15 minutes passed your scheduled time.


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