Free ferry and parking

Ferry and parking is free

In Fredrikstad we care about creating a good environment, both for your physical and mental health. Therefor you can take the ferry for free 24 hours a day, all year round, between the east and the west side of the river.

Water does something with many people, and not to mention with cities. The river Glomma is an important part of Fredrikstad. For many it is the way they commute to work, school and for shopping. The ferry plays an important role whether you choose it as a form of transport or for a nice trip on the sea. In 2016 the ferry had 1.3 million users.


Fredrikstad municipality seeks to revitalise the city both when it comes to creating better public health and when it comes to the environment.


Precautions are made to make it easier to walk or to use a bicycle within the city centre. Amongst other things by extending the offer with free ferry transport. Three different ferry routes are available: Byferga, the city Ferry between Gamlebyen and Gressvik, with several stops underway. One ferry between Gamlebyen and Cicignon and one between Sellebakk and Lisleby. The use of the ferry is free and so is bringing and transporting your bicycle. Check out the municipalitiy’s website for timetables.


The municipality has also made it easier for those using a car. After 2pm on weekdays and 9am on Saturdays you will find free parking in 4 of the city´s indoor car parks. These are under Fredrikstad Stadion, Torvbyen, Apenesfjellet and St. Hansfjellet. All within short distance of the city centre and harbour.


#byferga (municipality local website)

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