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FASVO – A company with a lot to offer!

FASVO’s services are found all over town. They run two popular caterings/bakeries, one which is found by the bridge on Fredrikstad’s East side and the other at Seiersten on the West side. FASVO also has a branch who offers professional services in gardening and they also run one of Østfold county’s largest vintage markets.

Vintage market - you can find at Ørebekk. Here you can go treasure hunting and make great deals, be it furniture, interior or other curiosities for your home. The vintage market is among the largest in all of Østfold county and has many regular customers coming from near and far.
Catering and bakery – both, thank you! With us, we are committed to making life easier, but with style. That's why FASVO has a wide range of services and years of experience, so you do not have to look for what you need. The food can be bought either at the popular café on Seiersten on the West side or at the store by the bridge on the East side.

Gardening group - is the air filled with the first snow of the year – or are the birds calling in spring’s arrival? Gardens and green areas do not disappear, even though they are covered with snow, and they do not come about automatically either, just because frost leaves the ground. FASVO has the expertise and the wish to help you prepare your garden, so that it can be enjoyed without having to do all the stress.
At FASVO AS, the employees have a versatile and complex set of skills.


FASVO AS is a well-established company founded in 1993 and is owned by Fredrikstad municipality. The company believes in inclusive labor - and operates according to guidelines and requirements the state, providing work aimed at persons with disabilities.


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