Big Fish Cafe Hvaler - With a passion for food and drinks

Big Fish Cafe - With a passion for food and drinks

In the heart of Skjærhalden you find Big Fish. Here everything is made from scratch and craftmanship is an essential ingredient. The family run café has become quite the favorite still expanding– this year into local seafood and shellfish crates from Skjærhalden’s very own fish port.

Big Fish offers a varied menu with everything from special sandwiches, fish n’ chips and home-made hamburgers. They also make Italian-style gelato ice cream which can be enjoyed in the restaurant, perhaps with something refreshing from the plentiful bar.  –The ice cream is a curiosity, and like much else here, it’s connected to the passion we have for food and drinks. There are both classic flavours and some unusual flavours; we really don’t know what we can come up with, Christopher Huth explains.


The place also has home-made bread every day, a natural continuation of the bakery which once was at the site. The menu varies several throughout the year, because the family’s passion for food and drinks runs deep in the family. That’s how they come up with new ideas and dive into new projects.


Their own fish port

New this year is seafood delivery from Skjærhalden’s own fish port. The family has taken over the fish port and they will run Skjærhalden Fiskemottak AS with the same ambitious spirit as they do with Big Fish. Together there is synergy.  Big Fish will be offering local seafood from Hvaler. Up to this point, the Hvaler fishermen have not had a market in Skjærhalden, something which the Huth-family now is glad to bring into change. 


The only joint between the Big Fish kitchen and the sea will be the fishermen, whom they already have a beneficial cooperation with. The sea can offer more than just cod, salmon and shrimps, so both Big Fish and the fish port will sell whatever the sea has to offer. Traditional as well as more exotic stuff. Squid is one of the first things they will surprise their guests with; in Norway considered to be mere bycatch, but regarded as delicacy in the south of Europe.


The family will also deliver shellfish crates with everything included. Several types of shellfish, tasty fish sauce and home-made additions such as authentic mayonnaise, aioli and remoulade. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can buy mom’s home-made sourdough bread. This palatable experience is rich in taste and colour, to be enjoyed at Big Fish or at home. And with the new fish port you can be sure that the food is local, brought ashore just a few hundred meters from Big Fish.



The best bar in the fjord?

With its home brewed beer and fruit juice pressed by hand, the bar is quite impressing. –The menu is inspired by what we ourselves like and find interesting. We love to bring in unusual products simply because we want to and find them exciting, says Daniel Huth.


For three years Peter Huth has been producing beer for the café together with a partner. Like last year, they also have made draft beer which will be available all summer. To be able to produce more than before, they have used local breweries while keeping an eye on the process and recipe.


Connected locally

Big Fish opened their doors in the old bakery during Easter 2015. Earlier, the family ran Strandcaféen beach café for several years. From the outside, the house doesn’t seem to have changed but on the inside however, everything is new. Old photos of Hvaler cover the walls inside, while outside they have placed a mighty whale’s tail fin as a gesture to local history. The name Hvaler is likely derived from the islands’ resemblance to whales on sea maps, while whaling has also been a way of life for many generations in Hvaler.


Being local is important to the family on several levels. Both by using local, young workers and by promoting local history. Because during the summer it’s full steam ahead with a total of 35 people at work. The employees are mainly visitors and natives, and many are back this summer for the fourth time.


But it’s not only during the summer that Big Fish comes alive. Doors are open all year round, be it more so during weekends in the winter time. The café is open whenever possible, also during public holidays in the autumn, winter and Christmas. During the cold season they offer traditional Norwegian cooking and do wine tasting nights and much more. If you come by outside the summer, you are sure to be served different food. With passion running all year round, the café will always have a diverse and exciting menu. So, it’s not only during the summer that Big Fish can be tempting, but from the 1st of June the place is open seven days a week until the summer guests return home.



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