Flexx - Pick up from where you are, whenyou need it

Pick up from where you are staying, whenever you need it

Flexx is a unique public transport offer at Hvaler, but not quite like a normal bus ride. You can be picked up and brought back home, for the ordinary price of a bus ride.

Flexx is for everybody but must be booked in advance and only stops where they have pick up and stops for those traveling on the bus. This is why the timings vary from trip to trip. The offer is available at set times during the day and the transport is done in a mini bus.

This new offer saves both environment and money as no one benefits from empty buses on set routes. Flexx drives independently from address to address within Hvaler municipality. You can be picked up at home, at the store, at the hair dresser, or wherever you wish whenever you wish. And you only pay the price of a bus ticket. When you book your Flexx ride they will always tell you the precise, the time of your pick up and you need to be ready five minutes before pick up time. Because Flexx also pick up others a waiting time of up to 15 minutes can occur.


"Flexx users are without doubt our most pleased customers. They often live in areas that have lost some of their bus routes due to a lack of clients. Now their public transport offers has been given back to them at their own premises", project manager at Østfold kollektivtrafikk, Solfrid Rød Olsen tells us.

The transport offer is especially designed to fit elders and younger people living far from the city centre with a need to easily get from place to place without a car.


"We notice that the bus often is a meeting place, especially for the older generation. Therefor we encourage them to travel together", Rød Olsen continues.

Østfold is a pioneer when it comes to Flexx, but other municipalities are following suit. Even more so there is a mini bus every week day between 10am - 2pm driving within the municipality borders of Hvaler. Much used by people picking up from kindergarden.

Østfold kollektivtrafikk is happy to get tips for new routes.


"For us it is important to find out where there might be a need for routes that are not already operated by Flexx today. We therefore encourage anyone who has a tip for new routes to contact us", the project leader concludes.

Contact them on 03177 or at skyss@osfoldfk.no


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