Cafe Oline - A summer paradise with heart and soul

Cafe Oline - A summer paradise with heart and soul

There are many who have memories of intimate concerts in a soft summer breeze at Cafe Oline. Followed by a nightly swim and a sleepover in a tent at Stuevika.

A short ferry ride from Skjærhalden you will find the summer paradise of Søndre Sandøy, with associations to the TV series Saltkråkan. And Cafe Oline, known by guests and musicians as the ideal place for intimate summer concerts. This summer you can experience Jan Eggum, Elvira Nikolaysen and Jonas Alaska.


The cafe is open every weekend from Easter until autumn break and all days during school holidays. In July you can experience great concerts, and every Tuesday there will be a family quiz. A popular get-together for the locals, boating enthusiasts and island hoppers.


If you don´t wish to take the ferry back and forth on the same day or share a taxi boat after the concert, the island offers a charming camping place at Stuevika, just a short walk from the cafe. Then you can turn the concert into a romantic holiday within the holiday, with a night swim and breakfast in the opening of the tent.


This year Cafe Oline celebrates 25 years by extending the cafe inside. Making room for more people the few times it rains. As everybody knows, Hvaler has the most amount of sunny days in the country so rain is rare.


Søndre Sandøy has much to offer, with short distances to everything. Go for a romantic stroll on Hjertestien, the Heart Track, where you will find little hearts on the trees you pass by. Or walk out to one of the many beaches. No matter where the wind comes from, some of them will always be protected from the wind.


A trip to Søndre Sandøy will forever stand out as a summer memory.


Program 2017


7th         July        Skranglebein - Sånn skal det være/That’s the way its supposed to be

8th         July        Odd Rene Andersen

13th      July        Jonas Alaska

15th      July        25th anniversary jubilee: Alexanders Hermansen, Vigdis Wisur, Trio DeMent

20th      July        Elvira Nikolaysen

22nd     July        Sailing Shoes

23rd      July        Julie Dahle Aagård  kvartett (jazzcafe)

27th      July        Jan Eggum

29th      July        Ken Lyngfoss

5th        August   Pärs Polare

12th      August   Gutta fra salta/The Guys from Salta


Quiz with Stein Kiran every Tuesday from 20th June until 15th August.

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