Big Fish Cafe Hvaler - With a passion for food and drinks

Big Fish Cafe - With a passion for food and drinks

In the heart of Skjærhalden you will find Big Fish Café. Here everything is made from scratch, the atmosphere is familiar and laid back and the craftsmanship is essential.

This family run business is run by the brothers Christopher, Daniel and Peter Huth, with their mother and father frequently coming by to contribute. Here they offer home baked bread and a varied menu with everything from niche sandwiches to fish and chips. The menu changes several times a year and the passion for food and drink lies deep in the family. This has lead to a flow of new happenings and new projects. This year they also serve their homemade ice cream and outside on selected days they will be making paella and do a barbeque.


"The ice cream is a curiosity and, as so many of the other things we offer, it is built on our passion for food and drink. It will be served as an extra but we also have Diplom-is. Because with your own ice cream bar there is too much to be able to produce everything ourselves, so we start little by little but we will be able to offer brand new flavours and experiences with ice cream", Christopher Huth explains.


The best bar in the Oslofjord?


The bar is a chapter on its own with what might probably be the best and widest selection in the Oslofjord. Here the fruit juices are freshly squeezed and the expertise is high.


"The selection of drinks is based on what we ourselves find interesting and tasty. We often bring in unusual produce simply because we want to and find it exciting", Daniel Huth continues.


For two years Peter Huth has produced beer for the cafe alongside a colleague. Last year they also produced for tap which will be available all summer. To be able to produce more, they have used local breweries, but still kept control of the process and on the recipe.   



The Easter of 2015 Big Fish Café opened in the locations that were known just as The Bakery. The family had previously run Strandcafeen for many years. From the outside the building has not changed much, but inside everything is new. The interior makes you think of a bar at the East Coast of the USA, and you would expect to find Hemingway sitting in a corner. White walls, ferns, blinds, and a large blue swordfish on the wall create a calm, chill and summery ambiance.


All through summer they are busy with a staff of 35. Almost all the staff are locals who either live there or have their summer places here, many of them are back for their third season.


Local connection

In many different ways the connection to the locals is important to them, both by using young local personnel and by promoting local history.


"Last winter the cafe was decorated in old pictures from Hvaler with a majestic whale tail on the outdoor patio. The tail is closely connected to the name of the cafe, but also has an historical connection. The name Hvaler, meaning whales, is probably originated from the fact that the little islands resemble whales on old hand drawn maps. Whale hunting has been the lively hood for many of the former generations at Hvaler. Some of the elders on the island tell the stories of the whale who stranded on the beaches here once. The islanders could do nothing other than burry it. The story tells that it is buried right where the old bakery used to be, which is where the Big Fish Café lies now", Daniel Huth explains.


However, it is not only in the summer season that Big Fish Cafe comes to life. This place is open all year round, but during the winter season it’s mostly on the weekends. The family keeps the place open as often as they can, and during all school holidays in autumn, winter and for Christmas the cafe is open. During Christmas they even have a Christmas marked. During the cold season they offer traditional old Norwegian cooking and theme nights with wine tasting amongst other things. From the 1st of June they will be open seven days a week until the summer guests have gone home again.

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