Unique locations for special occasions

Unique locations for special occasions - in Gamlebyen

Imagine a wedding in the Commandant’s apple garden or a conference in Tøihuset.The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency, Forsvarsbygg, own many buildings in Gamlebyen and several of them are rented out for special occasions.

Gamlebyen is the most intact and well preserved fortified town of its sort in Europe. The Norwegian defence, Forsvaret, have lived here side by side with civilians for over 350 years and stand out from other fortified towns because it is a city with villagers living in it. This gives a unique opportunity for a historical frame around your venue.


After Forsvaret left Gamlebyen, the Department of National Fortification Heritage´s main job has been to preserve the cultural heritage of these buildings, provide information and keep them open to the public, both for recreation and education. All together they are in charge of approximately one third of the buildings, as well as all the ramparts. The rest is owned by the local council or are privately owned.


To keep a building in use is the best form of preservation. This is why The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency actively rent out their buildings for everything from weddings and birthdays to baptisms, larger venues and conferences.


You can celebrate your wedding in the very distinguished "Det Af Graastein Grunnmurede Provianthus", the oldest building in Gamlebyen. It comes with a guaranteed historical ambiance. Or have your venue outdoors in the romantic apple garden of the Commandant. Here it is possible to set up a large tent for any weather conditions.


In Tøihuset there are two large rooms, Bombardersalen and the newly renovated, Tøihussalen. They are placed next to the apple garden and can easily be combined.


The grand Kommandantgården has in all the years of military service housed the commandant of the fort. Now it is possible to rent for venues and parties with up to 60 guests, in grand, beautiful surroundings. Right next door is the brewery house, Bryggerhuset, with a fire place and room for 20 guests.


The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is also in charge of both Artellerigårdsplassen and Tøihusplassen, both used for large concerts and events. At Tøyhusplassen the festival, Månefestivalen, is arranged every year.


In addition to renting out for events, small and large businesses rent their locations in the old military buildings.


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