Ølgaarden in the Old Town

Ølgaarden in the Old Town - five hundred types of beer

At Ølgaarden in Gamlebyen in the old majestic Vinmonopolet, you can get beer brewed on location, choose between many meters of shelves stocked with other types of beer or buy equipment to brew yourselves.

The outlet now has its own brewery and produces its own beer both for the Fabel Restaurant in the city centre and a very own backyard beer for the neighbour Gamlebyen Gjestgiveri. You won’t find a more local beer. Here you will always find freshly brewed beer and Ølgaarden arranges events and classes both for tasting and brewing.


Behind it all is Morten Krogh and Ole Morten Holstad Aasheim.

It all started with home brewing a few years ago and then it was decided. The boys have been busy since they started in November of 2015 and can offer a variety of around five hundred types of beer where over 70 percent are Norwegian brands. That makes the outlet in Gamlebyen Norway’s largest by far. Here you also find 11 types of gluten free beer and a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks like ecological mineral water and Bundaberg.


"The nice thing about beer is that as soon as you are interested and start talking to someone about it, you become the best of friends. It´s very social. People come here from afar and we have many regulars", Krogh, the manager tells us.


Home brewing

Besides selling beer they also brew their own; Ølgaarden Blond, Plankebrøl, Bringebrøl, Brown Ale Hoppy Lager and a Christmas beer. These are the first local beers in Gamlebyen in over one hundred years.


Help for home brewers

In the store you will find a vast selection of goods for home brewing and get advice on how to get going.


"We offer home brewing classes. We are even happy to come out to your summer place or cottage to give you a course. We have been working with food and drinking for over 30 years and are highly skilled in this field. We can advice you on what food goes well with beer and also offer light refreshments. We also have a wide selection in the store, with beer-sausages, dips and hop coffee."


Ølgaarden is part of the chain Gulating with 25-30 beer outlets in Norway by the end of the year. Norway is almost going through a beer revolution and the interest for beer is large. At Ølgaarden they are known for their good service and are happy to talk about beer and help you with almost everything, including getting your goods to the car.

Maybe you will turn to brewing before the end of summer?


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