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Boat tourist

The leisure boat enthusiast will find everything his heart desires in the maritime city of Fredrikstad. Secluded harbours, well-equipped marinas, repair yards, specialist shops, restaurants – and a pulsating quayside life. ...

The waters outside Fredrikstad are peppered with small islands and skerries. It is one of the most beautiful, and one of the safest, areas for leisure craft anywhere in Norway. While the city itself offers a quayside cultural life renowned for its open air restaurants and light entertainment.

56 harbours

You are never far from a natural harbour when you are enjoying a day on the waters round Fredrikstad. In his book "A Holiday Harbour", Gunnar Steen Iversen recommends 500 harbours along Norway´s coastline. Of these, 56 are around Fredrikstad!

– I think I can safely say I´ve visited pretty much every harbour along the Norwegian coastline. For quayside culture maybe only Tønsberg and Haugesund can rival Fredrikstad. With restaurants cheek by jowl along the quay, there very soon develops an intimate social atmosphere that has to be experienced. The amenities on offer are extremely good. The leisure boat captain will find marinas, repair yards and everything he needs to service his craft. Say you need a new propeller shaft: Most places you would have to sit around watching your hard-earned holiday vanish as you waited for the job to be done. In Fredrikstad there are large firms of competent specialists ready to help. Along the south coast such amenities are seasonal, but in Fredrikstad they are available all year round, says Iversen.

He also points out that boat owners can request escort service from the lifeboat RS 88 "Odd Fellow" from Skjærhalden in Hvaler to Hvasser on the opposite side of the Oslo Fjord.

City centre mooring

On the island of Isegran enthusiasts keep the city´s sailing ship traditions alive. There are official plans for a Maritime Heritage Centre to be developed on the island.

Moorings for leisure craft have been situated near the city centre, along the Vesterelva channel and the Promenade. The Tourist Marina is on the city side of the river. The harbour can accommodate relatively large craft, up to 40 foot. The Kråkerøy swing bridge opens to let masted vessels pass; to hail the bridge use VHF-channel 12.

Escape to the skerries

Stock up on provisions and get away from it all, you can tie up for the night at countless natural harbours just a short sail from the town. On the menu: Fresh shrimps from a Hvaler trawler, fresh bread, mayonnaise and dill... Add ice cold drinks of your choice and maybe a guitar, and you have captured the best of summer!

Check the anchor now and again. Watch as the kids land a couple of mackerel from their rods. This is life lived at its sweetest. And next morning you wash the sleep out of your eyes with a refreshing dip in the summer-warm sea. Put the coffee on the stove, pull the day´s navigation chart from the bottom of the pile. And relax! Because you won´t be going far today, there is so much to experience right here where you are.

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