The Peace Sailors - The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad 2014 - Fredrikstad and Hvaler - Visit Østfold

The Peace Sailors

More than a hundred young people from the counties Østfold and Akershus have applied to become Peace Sailors during The Tall Ships Races 2014. 

The Peace Sailors are an important part of Fredrikstad’s and Østfolds celebration of the 200 anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution. Also the municipality of Hvaler contributes considerably to facilitiate this adventure for young people. They will participate in four exciting seminars about the impact of the Constitution, the development of democracy and challenges in to-day’s society. One of the seminars will address the freedom of speech and how to use it on social media. The last seminars will introduce mental training and good teamwork, and practicalities for the voyage.


The Constitution celebrates 200 years in 2014. The negotiations for peace with the Swedes in 1814 were conducted in the Conventiongaarden in Moss, and the treaty was signet by the Swedish regent Karl Johan in Kommandantgaarden in Fredrikstad. The Peace Sailors are part of the Norwegian Parliamnet’s celebration of the Bicentenary.


Sail Training is a world wide movement which the annual Tall Ships Races are part of. Sail Training is defined as personal development and crosses national, cultural, religious and social borders. The Rotary Clubs of Fredrikstad and Hvaler are partners in recruiting young people for the Peace Sailor project.


The Peace Sailors will embark on Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Belgian, and British vessels for Race 1 or the

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